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Facebook Messenger for windows 7/8 PC Download

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Facebook Messenger For PC Download:- Today facebook is considered as the largest commercial digital brand with over 20 billion + users and the count is increasing rapidly. Facebook as a famous and popular brand is known to everyone, so whats the big deal, why we are here today? This is the common question that always rise in my mind whenever I visit some webpage with Heading as Facebook wiki details, Facebook Messenger download or post like Facebook tricks for your smartphone and so on. I believe most of us have same opinion for this situation, In fact we all know facebook - what is facebook, features about facebook how to login or create facebook account. so why the hell we need to know the details, yes its true the feelings are obvious and important.
If you have started thinking this post as similar to those useless bunch of facebook articles blog then hold on and think again. Here in this post I am not going to repeat those useless piece of text, but for those alien creatures who have never used or even seen facebook before I have to introduce this as a chewe starter that most of us don't like..
Gmail Login Details

Facebook Login Details


Create Facebook Account

  yes its true there are some people who dont know anything about facebook or not even seen it once. Actually its not their fault its just the matter of time and surrounding. So for all those who dont know anything about facebook, Iam going to introduce this wonderful messenger to all of them.
Friends if anyone of you dont know about Facebook then not to worry let's recall all that we know right here together.
  First thing to know about facebook is that its is a social networking site- people connected through internet network socially. we can communicate with our friends and also we can share our views or ideas or even our mood with our friend community on facebook and this is known as facebook status update. Important thing to know about facebook is that we have to create an account in facebook database before using the facebook features. so ~

How to Create a Facebook Account

This is not so Difficult Just follow these simple steps:-
  • visit site .
  • There on the homepage you will see facebook Sign up form.
  • Read this form carefully and fill the details accordingly.
  • The first section in this form is for Name (First Name & Last Name).
  • Second place is for Email or Mobile Number. you can use your mobile number for facebook sign up instead of your email address.
  • The third field in the form is for email and mobile number verification.
  • fourth place is for password, always remember what password you are feeding and use complex character to form your password. it is very important for you facebook account safety.
  • After this the fifth and sixth field are common for most form you have ever filled , this is for D.O.B(date of birth) and SEX (Male or Female).
  • Alright submit the form and you will get a verification message on your mobile phone or email according to your choice, just verify your facebook acount registration/ Sign up and thats all you have to do.
Now Login To Your Fb Account

Facebook Messenger For PC Free Download

Now It can be assummed that most of us have created our facebook account and using it perfectly. so whats the nxt step ?.. In my my opinion the next step will be making it efficient and convenient to use. Today with such fast liestyle we all need a quick and easy way to be connect from our friends circle, and for this purpose facebook has provided a option for portable messenger, i.e. a small but effiecient messenger app which can be handled even in our smartdevice together with Pc- Windows 7, windows 8 and mac Pc laptops. again some questions arises for utilising facebook in our pc laptops and smartphones-How to Do It?

Download Facebook Messenger for Android

It is not a big deal now .For downloading Facebook messenger in you Android devices visit google play Store and get your copy there. Also you can download many third party facebook app from play store but I recomend the official app. Its up to you what you choose.
Official Facebook Messenger for Android
Extra features for official android facebook messenger app:
Know when people have seen your messages.
Forward messages or photos to people who weren't in the conversation.
Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them.
Turn on location to let people know when you're nearby.
See who's available on Messenger and who's active on Facebook.
Create shortcuts to get to any conversation right from your home screen.
Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or just need a break.
Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
Android Facebook app

Download Facebook Messenger for Ios

Official Facebook Messenger for Ios
This app is very much similar to official fb app for android. it has many features which makes it mre than a simple smartphone messenger. have a look on Facebook app for Ios.
Extra features of oficial Facebook app for iPhone & iPad :
Know when people have seen your messages.
Forward messages or photos to people who weren't in the conversation.
Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them.
Turn on location to let people know when you're nearby.
See who's available on Messenger and who's active on Facebook.
Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or just need a break.
Stay logged in so you never miss a message.

Official Facebook Messenger for Blackberry

Official Facebook Messenger for Blackberry
Read the key features for Blackberry Facebook App
  • Reach friends wherever they are with Facebook Messenger. 
  • Message a friend or start a group conversation
  • Reach friends on mobile or web 
  • Get push notifications
  • Know who's seen your messages 
  • Attach photos to messages

Facebook Messenger Free Download for PC

There are many third part facebook applications available for pc but i doubt how much of them are still working. For the reason of uncertainty I have decided to present the best option for facebook messenger for pc to the viewers. Here I have selected two different ways to access facebook messenger from your pc. these are -

Facebook Messenger in your browser

In my opinion it is not a very convinient way for using facebook mesenger, but I have included this coz it is easier than the other way. Also this require less data usuage for accessing facebook messenger from you PC Browser like chrome.
I can only assure you that this works but the utility is limited so your comment and rating is Important. Download it from Here:-Facebook messenger for browser

Facebook Messenger within Bluestack for PC

Just Follow these simple steps:-
  • First Download Bluestack (we have already discussed in our previous post).
  • search for Facebook Messenger.
  • Download and Install it.
  • that's It , everythings done , now use facebook messenger directly from your pc desktop.
  • Enjoy and keep reading our blog.
Whatsapp Messanger for PC Download
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Gmail Login

Read Everything about Gmail, How Google mail Gets its name and Why G-Mail is the Best Mailing Network.Also Read complete webmail login procedure.

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Whatsapp Messanger for PC Download

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Whatsapp for PC - A great messaging app initially developed for Android and Now you can access whatsapp even from your pc along with any apple ios device. Most of us have used whatsapp in our smartphones and made it a very important part of our daily life. Messaging is the best way to communicate with the gang even if we are busy doing works at home or sometimes attending an important meeting in office. Whatsapp like instant messenger are the best solutions for such boring and stressful situations.
Wanna Read  Details Visit our Previous Post.

Download Whatsapp for pc

Initial when I come to know about this messenger, then I actually thought why did they call it "Whats-App". The best answer I found then was its similarity with the word "whats up" and its the true answer for this question.
It is true that whats app is the most used instant messenger worldwide and it is possible that one may use it better than other. don't worry I m not gonna challenge you for a whatsap  test, I only want to discuss some basic about whatsapp like who started it, who coded it, plans behind wattsapp design and so on.
Initially on 24 February 2009 whatsapp inc was incorporated by Jan Koum on his birthday. Actually Jan koum started Whatsapp INC with his friend Brian Acton, both of them were ex employees of Yahoo.  Initially watsap was mostly programmed by a russian iphone developer- Igor Solomennikov. 
Now Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp inc and and Jan Koum is still working with the team as CEO.  Facebook signed the famous US $19 billion contract of acquiring Whats app on February 19 2014. It is the largest amount offered in any such deal till the time. For this huge contract Facebook paid US$ 4 billion in cash, $ 12 billion in facebook stocks and rest $3 billion in restricted stocks unit to Jan Koum and Brian Acton the founders of Whatsapp inc. According to January 2015 report Whatsapp has crossed 700 million active monthly users with over 30 billion daily messages making it the worlds mostly used instant messenger app even for Smartphones and pc.


Backup Whatsapp Messages

1).Backup WhatsApp Messages in Android Phones

  1.  Open WhatsApp and hit the menu button (three vertical dots on the top-right) > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup conversations. 
  2.  This file will be stored as "msgstore.db.crypt7" in your phone's /WhatsApp/Databases folder. WhatsApp recommends that you rename this file to "msgstore.db.crypt7.current", without the quotes, to make it easy to find when you want to restore the backup. But it’s up to you what you name it. 
  3.  To restore conversations from a backup, uninstall WhatsApp and find the correct backup file from the WhatsApp folder. Slightly older backups are named "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7". In order to restore any of these, rename the file to "msgstore.db.crypt7".
  4.  Now reinstall WhatsApp. Once you verify your phone number, WhatsApp will show a prompt saying that it has found backed up messages. Press Restore, choose the correct backup file and wait for the conversations to appear in the app.

2). Whatsapp Messages restore in Iphones

  1. In your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data > On. You need to turn this on to save WhatsApp conversations. 
  2.  Now open WhatsApp, tap the Settings button at the bottom-right. Select Chat Settings > Chat Backup > Back Up Now. 
  3.  In the same place, you'll see an option called Auto Backup. Tap it. By default, this is set to Weekly. We suggest that you change this to Daily to avoid data loss. 
  4.  To restore backups, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Select Restore after verifying your phone number.

3). Backup Whatsapp in Blackberry

  1.  Open WhatsApp. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the application menu. Select Settings > Media Settings > Backup conversations. 
  2.  This file will be saved as "messageStore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt" in the /device/misc/whatsapp/backup folder on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. WhatsApp recommends that you save this file as "messageStore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt.current" so that you don't have trouble finding it. 
  3. Now uninstall WhatsApp. Make sure that you know the name of the correct backup file. 
  4.  Reinstall WhatsApp. After verifying your phone number, select Restore and pick the correct backup file. 
  5.  If you are using a BlackBerry 7 smartphone, you need a microSD card to backup chat history. This is because message history is removed from the internal storage after restarting BB7 phones. If you have a microSD card in your phone, here's how to back up conversations. 
  6.  Open WhatsApp and select the Settings tab at the top. 
  7.  Select Media Settings > Message History > Media Card. This ensures that all your messages are saved on the memory card. 
  8.  If your chats have stopped showing up in the app, uninstall WhatsApp. 
  9.  Switch off the phone, remove and replace the battery. Restart the phone. 
  10.  Open your BlackBerry Media folder, press the BlackBerry button > Explore. 
  11.  Open Media Card > databases > WhatsApp and look for the "messagestore.db" file. 
  12.  Rename it to "121messagestore.db". This will ensure that WhatsApp restores the next most recent chat history that was saved.

4). Whatsapp Messages Restore in Windows Smartphones

  1.  Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots at the bottom-right. 
  2.  Select settings > chat settings > backup. This will create a backup of your WhatsApp conversations. 
  3.  If you accidentally deleted your chats, we suggest that you don't create a new backup. Instead, check the time of the previous backup, which can be found under the backup button mentioned in the previous step. 
  4. If this time is after you received the chats you deleted, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. 
  5.  After verifying your phone number, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to restore a chat backup. Select yes.

5). Whats app Messages restore in Nokia S60 and other phones

  1. Open WhatsApp and select Options > Chat History > Backup chat history. 
  2. Now tap Yes to create a backup. 
  3. To restore backups, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. 
  4. Select Restore after verifying your phone number. 
  5.  If you are trying to restore chat history on another Nokia S60 phone, remember to use the same microSD card that you used in the previous phone. 
  6. Sadly, there is no way to create a chat history backup on Nokia S40 phones. The best you can do is email conversations to your personal email account to keep a record. Even this is possible only in phones that have a memory card. Here's how to email chat backups. 
  7.  Open WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to back up. 
  8.  Choose Options > Chat History > Email. Your chat history will be attached as a .txt file.
Hope These steps are simple enough to understand. If you face any problem relating the execution of these steps for restoring or backup of whatsapp messages then put your query in comment box and I will try to help you. Instead If you want to do something interesting using these tricks then I have one excellent trick for you. with this trick you can read your friends whats app messages without acknowledging him. This trick is only for learning not for any prank use..

Read Your Friends Whatsapp Message

This trick is not so extraordinary whatsapp trick. Its just a practical application of whatsapp backup techniques. I m sharing this simple whatsapp trick only for tutorial purpose and expect that no one will use it to mishandle anyones privacy. 
  1.  For this trick to execute, you must have to get your friends phone for a while. Just search for whatsapp>> Database folder in SD cards then find two folder file named msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt7 and msgstore.db.crypt7 respectively.
  2. You only have to copy the file with name "yyyy-mm-dd" and forward it to your device i.e to your PC or smartphone. Use bluetooth for this purpose.
  3.  After successfully executing this step, just visit and link the transfered file to recover all whatsapp chat status, messages from your friends list.
you can also use this trick to view your whatsapp chat history and all whatsapp status.

How to Password Protect your whats app account

It is important to protect our privacy and whatsapp has become one of the most personal things that most of us usually want to protect from being completely disclosed to everyone. Today even our phones are not so secure with respect to privacy so what can we do to protect the privacy of our whatsapp account in our phone. Is it possible to password lock our whatsapp account in our smart devices so no one can access it without our permission?
Yes its true, Now you can Password lock your Phone for protecting whatsap privacy. For doing so just follow these simple steps--
  1. Download and Instal Whatsapp lock application directly from google play store to your android device.
  2. Just activate it and set any desired Password to protect your whatsapp account.
  3. Download Whatsapplock app  

Whatsapp Download for PC

Considering the searches of the term whatsapp for pc download with any other app for pc, the result will be a long list of similar contents with usual details of whatsapp downloads is only available, the exact way using whatsapp on pc is available only on App Ranger website. Its simple but not the official way for using whatsapp on your pc desktops and laptops. Just follow the given steps--

Whatsapp download for Windows 7 & 8 Pc

  1.  First download Bluestack Official Offline Installer for pc and install it in your laptop computer. It is not just an Android simulator for pc but also you can handle your android apps here on Bluestack application.
  2. After successful installation of bluestack just search for Whatsapp in searchbox within the application.
  3. After getting the official Whatsapp, install it. It will be installed individually within the Bluestack directory from where you can handle it manually. 
  4. Now everything done, just open bluestack  then open whatsapp, register your phone number and get the access for your new whatsapp account.
  5. Note:- You can also find some other Android simulator app for pc on internet but I recommend you to use whatsapp for this purpose.
mark this process with bluestack will only work with Windows XP, 7& 8. For using whats on mac os pc follow these steps.

Whatsapp download for pc with Mac OS

We have discussed the way to install bluestack for wahts-APP is windows pc. Now we will discuss how to use whatssap if you have a mac pc. 
  1. If you have a Mac device then download Ipadian app .
  2. This Ipadian app is similar to the bluestack app for windows Pc. Again in this you have to search whatsapp and install it.
  3. After installation just open the app in your Mac pc device and access whatsapp for free.
In both this app it is pre-stated that none of these are officially recommended and after successful installation of these apps for pc along with whatsapp within  you have to restart your pc first to use it.

Official Whatsapp for web -use it on Desktop pc & Mac

This is the official way to use whats app on windows or mac pc. we have already discussed how t use whatsapp on pc using third party software like bluestack and ipadian but none of them were officially recomended by whatsapp or facebook so the question arise is there any official way to use whats app on pc directly connected as a smartphone?
The Answer is yes, WhatsApp officially provide a solution for this problem. For using Whatsapp officially you have to follow few simple steps, these are:-
  1. Firstly upgrade whatsapp installed in your smartphone. Important information- minimum requirement Whatsapp v2.11.498 or above and recommended to backup your data first.
  2. After the first step, visit in google chrome installed in your PC. Note this whatsapp trick works only in Google Chrome. No other browser supported.
  3. you will get a QR code on the browser screen on site.
  4. In your smartphone open whatsapp, go to menu and visit "WhatsApp Web".
  5. Now Scan the QR code from your PC screen with your smartphone WhatsApp Web option.
  6. Start The Scan by clicking on "OK! Got it" option.
  7. In next few seconds the scan will be over and the page from your pc browser will changes to  become the mirror image of your smartphone whatsApp application.
  8. Now you can Use whats app directly from your PC screen.
This way is not meant for general use of whatsapp direct login from pc, it just create an image screen on your pc for general use for short time. You have to repeat this procedure each time you want to link your whatsapp account with your pc Officially.

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Monday, 13 April 2015 Login, Sign in| Sign up, Create gmail Account

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Gmail Login: Google as we all know is the most important part of our daily online schedule. If I ask that what is the major use of internet in our life as in general then I am sure most of us will reply for communication. Even if you are a professional programmer, this idea stand firm everywhere. No matter whom we are talking or to what purpose is our communication, the thing that is important here is the way of communication we choose.

As for now we are very much familiar with all the ways of online communication including Facebook whats-app and the most simple but important The “Email”-electronic mail. But do you know that before 1st April 2004 even the idea of individual as well as commercial free communication over such long distances was believed to be impossible. Up to this time no one has ever thought that someday the communication between long distances as between two countries or continent will be free for all and the medium will become the fastest among all available communication mediums. login | signup

1 April 2004 is the day when originally the idea of mail by google as google mail was introduced as a option for commercial instant mailing network, as google initially did not allow direct webmail signup option, instead very few people of this field were invited directly to use and review the new mail network by the largest online network Google, even at that time it was the largest. After the First response by the best critics of that time the keyword –Gmail was introduced. The Name gmail was used to make it simple to understand and use and soon it becomes the most popular email network of its era.
Initially Google has associated 1 GB storage with each individual mail account and after the great success of gmail, on the occasion of its 1st anniversary on 1st April 2005- Google has decided to double the storage capacity of all its mailing   account and the new capacity will become 2 GB each account.
The introduction of gmail was also very important in history of online mailing or email network as it is the best and the simplest mail network at its time even compared with its rivals as Hotmail as for that time in 2005 , google mail provide 2 gb storage which is very high considering the 4 MB storage Capacity of Hotmail. Even the network linkage capacity of Gmail is best among all, as with Gmail you can use Secure Webmail as well as POP3 and IMAP4 Protocol which is really an advantage for Google at that time.

gmail-login sign in | gmail Login

Google Mail or Gmail at its best is a Webmail Network Site made for commercial as well as for personal use. Currently g-mail is available in more than 75 different including all major languages like English, Hindi, French, German, and Korean and so on. Looking at its programmatically expertise gmail is accepted by programmers worldwide soon after the commercial launch. As for a programmer view google has tried to present the best of things all it has. The interface of gmail was very fresh and unique with the touch of Ajax coding for first time with an all new “conversational view”.
Finally in the year 2007, February 7 was the day when Google has announced the public version of gmail with a beta status. After 2 years in July 7, 2009 gmail was upgraded to its standard version and with 5 GB storage. With the public launch of gmail , it was also available for commercial use and the web address for this network was made

Google Mail Available Features

Free and Commercial Storage

Today in the year 2015, Google is providing each gmail account with 15 GB digital storage which is 15 times as of its initial value. Considering the Commercial storage which can be accessed by paying a small fee to google is about 30 TB available for the users.
Storage not only means the amount of storage space provided to the end users but also the amount of data each mail and attachments can have is very important with every online mailing network. With google mail today you can send a attachment of 25 MB of maximum space through your free mail account and considering the size of a general 1 page text mail in Gmail is generally below 100 KB so you don’t have to worry for space allocations even if you receive 1000 of mails daily.

Spam unwanted email- Once| Forever

You can also spam or block unwanted mail or mail provider once or forever, leading to clean and efficient looking gmail inbox making your work easy.
Social Integration
Today we all are linked with at least one social network most probably Facebook and twitter, so what if you get a better connectivity for your mails, messages and all related data all at one place. Yes its true with google mail or gmail you get the advantage to link your each and every social networking sites with your mailing account and handle all together at one place. Now we and Google recommend as well as provide a direct link to a social network by Google named- Google Plus and called as G+. You must try it if haven’t yet used it.

More Gmail Features

There are many more interesting features associated with a gmail account, available to you now a days like Hangout, G talk, tabbed folders add support, custom web linkage and some cool themes options for background of your gmail account.
Create/ Register Gmail Account
For getting access to Google mail account or gmail account at you first have to create an Account. This is often termed as google registration.

How to Create a Gmail Account | Google Account

Visit the Homepage for Google mail here- or
On the homepage you will see “ Create an Account “ Option.
Click on it, you will be redirected to the Google Account Registration page, usually as a popup.
Use your real Name or Organisation Name for creating a gmail account.
Make your Username simple for making it easy to remember and deliver.
Always make a complicated password and write it down somewhere for first few days, for being safe, officially it is not recommended for security purpose.
Instead you should verify your mobile number or and other gmail account for password recovery options for being safe.
You should select proper language and country of your choice for you convenience

gmail-signup-page signup

Important to remember, recheck your password and important details before continuing. This is the final step and and after it you will be redirected to your inbox or simply digital mailbox.
Advantage after making a Goggle account you are now eligible to use You-tube, Blogger , adword, adsense and analytic account respectively. gmail sign in, Google Mail Log-in
Now at this point you have your Account created, so what to do when you have to check your mails again/ latter on. Don’t worry its really very simple to access your gmail account. You only have to remember your username and password that’s it. Follow these simple steps for Gmail sign in—
Again this time visit the Gmail site by clicking on the given link-   or
You will See Sign IN link option , just Click it and you will be redirected to the respective login page. login page

Here in this page you will see two blank options, first for you Username- here you should put your username or you can write your entire email address, no matter whichever you chose you will get the same location.
Second place in the gmail login page is for password, put the exact password here which you have provide during gmail account creation. Always keep in mind password is Case sensitive so notice whether the Caps Lock button is on or off before
e proceeding, then act accordingly.
The Third optional field is a check-box used for storing your login details for further use in current browser. We don’t recommend it if you are login from a common computer as from a cyber cafe.
Carelessness may lead to account loss so always be sure before providing you account details with password to anyone, we strongly oppose this behavior. Do this at your own risk
For further details feel free to contact us. Good day and enjoy!

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